Carriage House  II

In-Home Restorations

Diane Civiletti, Owner & Restoration Artist

888-743-6461     Hours: Monday - Saturday By Appointment 

Sun Damaged Tabletop--Stripped & Refinished

Vintage Cabinet--Stripped & Refinished

Gallery of Refinished Furniture

Gallery of Refinished Furniture

Antique Chair--Stripped & Refinished

Antique Wardrobe--Stripped & Refinished

Antique Library Table--Stripped & Refinished

Antique Dresser & Mirror--Stripped & Refinished

Antique Tabletop--Stripped & Refinished to Match Restored Base & Legs

Antique Desk--Stripped & Refinished (Missing Hardware Replaced)

Vintage Bedroom Set--Refinished from Ivory & Gold to White & Silver