"I discuss all projects with you to determine your options. Together we figure out what's best for your needs and the piece." ~ Diane


In-Home Services‌

Our Most Popular Services in Your Home


























Kitchen Cabinets & Bathroom Vanities
Cleaned, Touched-Up and Top-Coated
We also provide complete Stripping and Refinishing Services.

Cabinet Door, Drawer Replacement &
Solid Wood Refacing
Update the Style of Your Cabinets or Change the Species of the Wood 

Front Door Restoration & Refinishing
Sun Fading, Water Damage and Worn Finishes Repaired/Restored
We also provide complete Stripping and Refinishing Services.

Bedroom Sets Restored
Scratches, Nicks, Color Fading
 Most jobs are completed in one day and back in use in 12 hours.

Antique Restoration
Preserving the Original Finish to Retain Market Value
Making it Beautiful to Make it Valuable to You

Custom ​Repairs
Structural Repairs, Gluing & Re-Creating Missing Parts

Wicker, Cane, Rush & Reed Weaving Services
Repairs & Replacement, Natural & Recycled Materials Offered

Gilding & Leaf Services
Gold,‌ Silver, Copper Leaf, Faux & Liquid Leafing Techniques

Porcelain & China Repairs & Restoration
Cracks, Chips, Broken Pieces--Repaired & Replaced 

Roundtrip Pick-up & Delivery Services
Disassembly, Reassembly & Set-Up Services Offered

Paint Consultation Services
One Room or Your Whole House--Interior & Exterior
I can help you choose the colors you'll want to live with for years to come.

Insurance Claims
Photograph, Detail Damages, Communicate with Adjusters

Staging & Sale Prep
Specialize in Working with What you Already Own & Evaluate

Your Property as a Prospective Buyer

Honest feedback will be given to help you sell faster and for top dollar.
When a significant color change is wanted (lighter or darker)
The overall condition of the finish is too severely damaged
If the piece was built after the 1950s
Refinishing may be the best choice
I am a second-generation finisher/restorer with over 20 years of hands-on experience.
Diane Civiletti, Owner & Restoration Artist
In-Shop Services‌
Countertops & Backsplash Replacement
Engineered Stone, Recycled Glass, Granite, Marble, Soap Stone, Slate & Concrete

Custom Cabinetry, Woodwork & Furniture
We can make and match anything you may have or want.

Upholstery Repairs
Many‌ repairs may be performed in your home. 

Dining Room Sets Restored
Scratches,‌ Nicks, Color Fading & Water Damage
Most jobs are completed in one day and back in use in 12 hours. 

Furniture Stripping & Refinishing
All New Finishes from Scratch, Complete Color Changes Available

Complete Upholstery Services
All New Inside Materials with Your Choice of Fabrics
We have a large selection of fabrics, or you may supply your own.

Vintage & Antique Clock Services
Cleaning & Oiling, Repairs & Replacement Parts When Needed,
In-Home Services to Tall-Case Grandfather Clocks

Metal Restoration & Refinishing
Plating Services, Sand-Blasting, Powder-Coating & Automotive Style Painting

Fine Art Repairs & Restoration
Plaster Frames Repaired, Missing Pieces Replaced,
Oil & Watercolor Paintings Cleaned, Repaired & Varnished,
Matts Repaired or Replaced with Archival Quality Materials

Appraisals & Auction Houses
I Work with the most knowledgeable Licensed Appraisers in the industry.
Many have Auction Houses as part of their businesses.

Buying & Selling
If you have something to sell, I may have a customer who is interested in buying.
My extensive client database receives emails informing them of pieces that are available for

Restoration vs.Refinishing

Which is the Right Choice?

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Consultation Services‌
When the overall color of the finish is desirable (even if sun faded) 
If the overall condition of the finish is salvageable 
When the piece is over 150 years old  
Restoration of the finish may be best choice   

Carriage House  II

In-Home Restorations

Diane Civiletti, Owner & Restoration Artist